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Our goal is to provide proper consultation & timely service to help reach your agricultural business' full potential.

Lindstrom Farm Systems is your local manure handling, feed & forage handling & in-barn engineering & service center.


Contact Corey Bock or Dave Juen with any questions.

Call Corey at (715) 456-8940 or email him at

Call Dave at (715) 760-0409 or email him at


Specializing in:

  • Cow & Heifer Barn Design
  • Lagoon Construction
  • Manure Transfer - In-Barn, Discharge & Separation
  • J&D Barn Ventilation
  • Lighting Systems
  • Fiberglass Stalls and Gates
  • Barn Remodel & Redesign
  • Steel Frame Barn Construction
  • Wood Frame Barn Construction
  • Automatic & Manual Curtains, Including Air Curtains
  • Barn Steel - Freestall & Headlocks
  • Calf barns - Group & Individual
  • Automated Feed Systems
  • Parlor Design & Layout
  • Barn Ventilation Retrofit & New Tunnel Vent & Cross Vent